Friday, November 12, 2021


I'm not one to use chemicals or alcohol to alter my state of mind. But then, because of my rapid healing, there ain’t much that can alter my state of mind. Not unless I imbibe more than what your average bowling team can handle. And frankly, that can get expensive.

But that doesn’t mean I ain’t susceptible to magic.

Fairy magic ain’t all that strong. By that I mean that they can’t do a whole lot with it. Not like a wizard.

They can make themselves invisible, though they don’t seem to like to. They can use their magic to lift objects that someone their size would never be able to lift, though they are mighty strong. But the most popular weapon in their magical arsenal is the ability to mesmerize. In other words, they cloud your brain and, in essence, put you at their command.

There are limits, of course, and one alone isn’t enough to put a spell on someone.

No, it usually takes a swarm.

As I watched the lights spin and dance, everything suddenly made sense to me. All the things in the my life that I’d been fretting over were washed away and I finally felt something I’d never felt before.

A sense of belonging, of being part of something bigger than myself, of being part of a family.

I’ve never had a family, not that I can remember. And yet, here it was, right in front of me the entire time.

Nona and her clan.


Jake would be like the little brother I never had. And the others? Well, like I said, I ain’t never had a family before.

“Is this where we’ll live?” I asked Nona.

“The tree,” she said. “The tree is now your home.”

“It’s a bit small,” I said, frowning.

Nona glared at me and I felt a deep shame course through me.

“Sorry,” I said. “It’s beautiful.”

Nona’s frown quickly turned upside down and I found my heart filled to the brim with joy.

To be continued ...

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