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This strip was originally published on January 24, 2013 over at

In any creative relationship, the conflict pretty much walks through the door right away. Everyone has their own idea, their own picture in their head of the way they see a particular creative endeavor.

Once you bring two or more people together with different ideas there will be conflict. The key is to work through the conflict and work toward compromise.

That's what Harold and I do, and this strip is an example of it.

The original web comic we tried was called Variety Smack, and we went round and round about the name.

On Monday Harold would like the name and I'd hate it. On Tuesday I'd like the name and Harold would hate it. On Wednesday we would both hate it and then we'd decide to just pack it all in. On Thursday we would both confess that we really did actually like the name and that we are both ready to move forward with this web comic thing, only to find that one of us changed our mind on Friday.

Yet, despite all of that, here we are.

I am, by the way, particularly fond of the way Harold draws me in this strip. 

Remember, if you want Harold and I to get the band back together and create more comic strip fun, please say so by leaving a comment below.

Thank you, there is more to come!

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