Friday, July 23, 2021


To be honest with you, fairies ain’t all that powerful, magically speaking. But that don’t mean folks should just dismiss 'em outright. I mean, while they maybe just a few inches tall, they can fly, and when there are a bunch of 'em about, they tend to swarm. When that happens, there’s usually more of them then I have bullets.

Plus they’re crafty and more than a little sadistic. They also tend to find great pleasure in bringing pain to us big folk. In other words, while I ain’t never feared for my life when going up against a passel of fairies, they have been known to be a giant pain in my butt from time to time.

What you have to understand is that fairies ain’t necessarily evil, of course, they ain’t all that good neither. They’re what you might call ‘Chaotic Neutral’, to use a role-playing term. They don’t want to kill nobody, that ain’t their intent, fairies just like to play jokes on people. Of course, they’re idea of a joke differs greatly from mine, and if one of us big folk does die during one of their pranks, they ain’t gonna shed no tear.

The thing is, they don’t really empathize or sympathize, and they don’t quite understand that there are consequences to their actions. They’re a bit like teenagers in that way. One of ‘em might get the idea into their head that it would be funny to drop a flower pot on someone’s head, not taking into account how big the pot might be or how high up they are when they drop it. Extremes in either direction might kill a person or just give ‘em a nasty bump on their end. Regardless, they’ll just laugh and fly away.

But kidnapping a boy? That ain’t happened as far back as I can remember. Frankly, it was the hundreds of small colorful lights that clued me in on the tiny folks in the first place. But it just ain’t like 'em to take a child. Sure, there’s always been tales of fairies snatching children, legends stretching back to the days when men carried swords and wore armor. But I’ve never found it to be true.

Yet, here we are.

To be continued ...

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