Thursday, November 4, 2021



So hey, I made a music video.

Back in 1991 I started a band with a couple of guys.

Derek Neibarger sang and played bass. He also pretty much wrote everything.

Paul Hagedorn was on the guitar.

And I played the drums.

That's right, we were a power trio and we called ourselves Trinity-X.

In 1992 we went into a local recording studio (Red House in Lawrence, Kansas) and cut a four song demo and we called it The Bootleg Starter Kit.

While this wouldn't be my first time in a recording studio, it was my first time recording original songs and frankly, I don't remember that much about it all.

Except that the guy who engineered the demo suggested that we replace my natural drum sounds with triggered, electronic drum sounds. I still played my kit, it's just that the sound that went into each of the drum mics were changed to an electronic sound. In essence, each of my drums acted as a drum trigger.

I will say that my kit was rather crappy and probably didn't sound all that well, but I've never been all that keen on the sounds we got from the electronic samples. But still, I'm sure that without them, my drums sounded much worse.

It's probably why the guy suggested it.

Anyway, the song here is the first one on the demo and it's called Sanctuary.

To make the video I used a combination of actual live footage from the band (of which I do not have much), and videos I got on Canva (which is most of the video). I then put it all together using Canva, Microsoft Video Editor, and iMovie on my iPhone. 

Imagine what I could do if I could afford some nice video editing software.

If you like the song, you can download it, and the entire Bootleg Starter Kit, for free at:

I plan on doing more of these. Not for every song we recorded in every band, just some of my favorites.

Until then, enjoy Sanctuary.

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