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This strip was originally published on October 31, 2011

If you haven't watched the classic Halloween special, It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, you probably won't quite get this one and you are standing off to the side of your monitor, or tablet, or phone, and you are scratching your head and really giving some serious thought about your place in the world.

Or not.

Anyway, for those of you who may not have seen It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, there is a point in the show where all the kids go out trick or treating. Charlie Brown is dressed as a ghost, but he had a tough time with the scissors and instead of two eye holes, he cuts multiple ones all over the sheet. After each house they stop at, the kids look into their bags to see what they got. Charlie Brown, for whatever reason, gets a rock at each house.

Now, as a child, I would watch that and laugh.

As an adult, it's just sad. I mean, why are all the houses in town giving Charlie Brown rocks!? What's wrong with this town?

In this strip, we try to answer that question . . . because, honestly, the entire town getting together and deciding as a collective to give Charlie Brown rocks for Halloween because they don't like the kid is really the only explanation I can come up with.

Though I'd love to hear other theories.

Then, to make this strip even more special, the day it went up Harold created this wonderful piece of art which goes right along with the theme of the strip.

So it's a bonus!

Remember, if you want Harold and I to get the band back together and create more comic strip fun, maybe with a real Rabid Ninja Zombie Wildebeast invasion storyline, please say so by leaving a comment below.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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