Monday, October 29, 2018


Okay, first word . . . .


Alright, that may not excite people the way it once did, but still . . . .


Fanboys of Doom is a short story that explains what it would be like for a comic collector to live through the zombie apocalypse and still want to collect.

Life following the zombie apocalypse is no bag of chips.

That is unless you're former Police Officer Alex Ringo and you've discovered the resting place of the most valuable comic book of all.

Desperate to add the Holy Grail of comics to his mobile man cave, Alex will risk being eaten alive by a bevy of zombie fanboys to gain his prize.

(More after the cover)

Fanboys of Doom is fast paced, fun, and is full of zombies getting shot and blown up and such.

This isn't your average, dark, slow, grinding, gritty, everything is terrible, stark, depressing zombie tale.

So yeah, you should read it, and read it now. You'll have it read by the end of the day, easy.

You can pick it up by clicking here, or by clicking the cover image above.

Thank you for your time, and if you happen to live through the zombie apocalypse, may your life still be fulfilling like Alex Ringo's.

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